Waggly Tails offer kind reward based training and will never use any force, pain or intimidation to train your dog. All Training is undertaken by a qualified experienced Trainer, certified by The Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers. Waggly Tails Training Programs are tailored to set you up for success and offer continual support through out your Training Program. Whether you have a puppy, adolescent or senior dog we offer fun training that will help you achieve your goal.

Does your dog pull you off your feet or lunge and bark when out walking ?

*   Would you like your dog to really listen to you ?

*   Do you have a dog that jumps on visitors ?

*   Is your dog a picky eater ?

*   Are you thinking about getting a puppy or rescuing a dog from over seas and would like some advice or training ?

*   Is your rescue dog showing unwanted behaviours ?

*   Do you want your dog to have a good recall ?

If you would like to enquire about training, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.   Call Waggly Tails - 07835643573                          Email - karencarvajal@hotmail.co.uk                     Face Book - @wagglytailsaberdeen


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